Our People

We are led by passionate groups of volunteers and experienced professional staff. 

Our Artistic Team

Harold Dioquino

Artistic Director & Conductor

Christopher Toth

Principal Accompanist

Our Board of Directors

Rick Vaughan
Board Chair

Mimi Pink
Board Vice Chair

Christopher Chouinard

Bill Elliott

Fred Boykin
Chorus President

Larry Small
Chorus Representative

Adam Barber

Don Croxton

Glen Jack

Paul Rolli

Bill Spinosa

Josel Suarez

Boggy Wang

Our Chorus Officers

Fred Boykin
Chorus President

Tony Corrente
Chorus Vice President

Christopher Chouinard

Brad Johnson

Bill Spinosa
Vice President of Membership

Bryan Schamus
Vice President of
Community Relations

Doug Ferguson
Tenor 1 Section Administrator

Rick Heal
Tenor 2 Section Administrator

Joe Fletcher
Baritone Section Administrator

Gregg Bennett
Bass Section Administrator

Dustin Ewing
Tropical Wave Administrator

Our Staff Team

Mark B. Kent

Executive Director

(954) 763-2266, Ext. 109

Doug Leib

Office Manager

(954) 763-2266, Ext 110